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Corporate Charters
"When the success of your next business deal depends on being in the right place at the right time, you can rely on the speed, efficiency and dependability of a private corporate charter flight to ensure you arrive on time, refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of the day!"


Discover How A Well Managed Business Aviation Program Can Make Your Business More Efficient, More Productive and More Profitable . . . .

Business Call
Corporate leaders, professionals and top executives across North America are discovering the time and economic value of traveling in the speed, comfort and security of a private corporate charter flight as opposed to scheduled airlines.

Private Aircraft Charter clients are not inconvenienced with the same operational delays and frustrations that encumber scheduled airlines.

Consider the following benefits

  • Private charter clients arrive and depart from uncrowded private charter terminals. 
  • Business Charter Clients are not subjected to the intrusive security checks endured by scheduled airline passengers. 
  • Corporate charter clients can choose to arrive and depart from 5000 more airports than are available to scheduled airlines, which means you can arrive closer to your destination with less hassle and delays
  • Since these are private charter flights, you and your business associates are the only passengers on board, meaning you can openly discuss business and confidential matters in a secure and private travel environment.
  • Charter clients can schedule multiple city stops and return home the same day
Business Aviation Helps You Stay Well Ahead Of The Competition
Learn How To Use Business Aviation As:
  • A Sales Tool
  • A Customer Support Tool
  • A Time Management Tool
  • A Financial Management Tool
  • A Human Resource Tool
Personal Travel
  • Add Hours Or Days to Vacation Time
  • Discover New & Unique Destinations
  • Add Value to 2 & 3 Day Getaways
  • Never A Hassle Traveling With Golf Clubs, Skis, or Other Bulky Baggage
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Define Your Business Travel Mission . . .

Before requesting a quote for a corporate charter flight, your first need to define your travel mission. How many people will be traveling? Will you be returning the same day or is an overnight required? Is on board catering required (breakfast, lunch, supper, refreshments)? Is there only one stop required or do you need to land in other cities either on the outbound or return trip? Do you have a preference in aircraft type (Jet / Turbo Prop / Piston)?