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There Is No Cost Nor Obligation To Register For Access To Our Network

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Here Are Some Of The Specialized Travel Forum Categories You Can Monitor or Submit Posts To And Find Flight Opportunities That Match Your Dates and Destination.

Business Travel Networking Forum
Business Travel Network
When you need to travel for business across Canada or into the USA and a direct charter flight is your best option - you may be able to save money with an "empty leg/one way" charter posted by our Associate Air Charter Members. Or you may find an opportunity to share a charter flight to your destination with another business traveller. Check out our Business Travel Networking Forum for all available options.

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Northern / Northwestern Ontario Travel Networking Forum
Ontario Charter Flights

Fly charter flight direct to any community, city or remote location throughout Northern, Northwestern or Southern Ontario.  Our Associate Air Charter members operate a wide variety of charter aircraft including corporate jets, high performance turbine and piston powered aircraft,   float planes and helicopters.

This forum is especially of value to mining and exploration companies, residents of remote northern communities, companies and government agencies that provide services throughout the north and groups seeking remote fly-in fishing adventures

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Vacation Travel Networking Forum
Vacation Travel Network

At the time of this writing, the Canadian / USA Border is still closed to non essential travel. However if you have vacation plans within your country of residence, Canada or the USA, but the uncertainty of safe airline travel is putting your plans in jeopardy - Charter Flight Network may have a solution.

Become a member of the Charter Flight Network and then join this Vacation Travel Group - It's all Free!

Monitor all the posts, plus submit posts of your own describing your travel dates and destination, number of passengers. This is a great opportunity for other members who have similar travel plans to collaborate with you on private charter flights and share costs.

In addition, all posts are monitored by our Air Charter Partners and when they have a one way flight or split charter opportunity at exceptional savings, they will respond to your post with an outline of pricing and details.

Remote Fishing Travel Networking Forum
Canadian Fishing Adventures

This forum includes posts from dozens of far north fishing lodges as well as the air charter companies that service them.  Facilities featured are located in  Alaska, BC, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Nortern Quebec and Labrador.

Guests who previously flew commercial airlines to these locations from the USA typically had to change planes at least twice and in some cases stay overnight in a hotel before reaching their destination. View posts from the lodges, the air services who service them as well as guests from all over North America who may be planning travel to these facilities.

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Golf Vacation Travel Networking Forum
Golf Vacation Network

Many golfers are rethinking their annual golf trip, because of health and safety concerns with crowded airlines. However, by simply posting the intended destination and travel dates in the Network Golf Travel Forum, they may find several other golfers willing to travel to the same destination on the same dates and sharing the charter flight costs - making travel som much more enjoyabe

In addition you may find posts from   our Associate Air Charter Partners listing availability on upcoming golf charters to destinations throughout Canada and USA

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Polar Bear Adventure Networking Forum
Polar Bear Adventure Network

Churchill Manitoba hosts hundreds of visitors every summer for whale and wildlife tours and then in October and November visitors come from around the world to view and film Polar Bears in their natural habitat.

There is rail service to Churchill from Winnipeg, but if your time is limited, flying is the only way to go. If you are eager to take part in a once in a lifetime Churchill Polar Bear Adventure, but are hesitant about spending hours on an airline with shoulder to should seating - you may want to access our Network and search availability for direct charter flights to Churchill from many Canadian and USA departure points.

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Canadian Arctic Adventure Forum
Canadian Arctic Adventures

If you plan to visit the Canadian Arctic, you will need to travel by air or by sea. Either way, it will be difficult to maintain social distancing unless you travel by private charter flight.

When you register to access our full Air Charter Network you have the opportunity to connect not only with other members planning trips to the Canadian Arctic but many of our Associate Air Charter Partners who provide regular charter flights into Northern Canada  and may have availabilty of "empty leg/one way or split charter flights," designed to save you 50% or more on your flight costs. 

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We have included a search bar in the footer of every Network Page.  The Search Tool is programmed to search only the Charter Flight Network Forum data base - not the entire network. 

So now its quick and convenient to locate available charter flights.  Simply enter the destination then hit return or enter on you keyboard or mobile devise.  For example: if you were looking for available charter flights to Chibougamau Quebec.  You would enter it in the search bar / hit enter and immediately all the posts from members, Air Charter Partners and Tourism Industry Partners that contained the key word Chibougamau would show up on the search results page.      

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