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When You Need To Travel and You Want To Avoid Shoulder To Shoulder Seating on Commercial Airlines, Join The Charter Flight Network And Connect With Hundreds Of Business Travel Members Across Canada and USA, With Similar Travel Needs.

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One Of The Most Unique Features Offered By Charter Flight Network, Is The Numerous Specialized Travel Forums As Outlined Below. Our Associate Air Charter and Travel Industry Members

  • Business Travel If you travel on busines , join this group to discover money saving charter flights to dozens of business destinations throughout Canada and USA.

  • Golf Adventure Travel This group is made up of golfers who enjoy travelling to distant courses across North America, but want to avoid the hassles of checking their clubs with the commercial airlines. Some of the destinations featured are golf charters to BC, Quebec, Nova Scotia, The Carolinas, Arizona, Californai and many more.

  • Northern / Northwestern Ontario Travel Northern and Northwestern Ontario is a vast region, much of which is ony accessible by flying. This group is made up of sport fishermen, contractors, mining and exploration companies, government agencies and residents of remote northern communities.

  • Polar Bear Adventure Travel When you join this specialized travel group, you will be networking with members in both Canada and the USA who are planning an adventure to Churchill Manitoba - the polar bear capital of the world. This provides excellent opportunities to find cost saving flights.

  • Float Plane Adventures When you join this group you will see multiple posts from Float Plane Charter companies in virtually every province and territory of Canada as well as Alaska. Find flight opportunities that match your travel requirements and contact the company of your choice to make arrangements.

  • Canadian Arctic Adventures If you are seeking a once in a lifetime Canadian Arctic Adventure, joining this group with give you great insight to other groups who have "been there, done that" with plenty of tips and suggestions. Also, view listings of flights posted by our Charter Marketing Partners with details on money saving flights to the Arctic.

  • Remote Fishing Adventures This group will give you access to dozens of lodges, outfitters and outpost camps in almost every province and territory of Canada. If you are traveling from the USA, you will also find flight opportunities departing major US cities direct to some of the most popular trophy fishing regions in Canada.
You Not Only Enjoy A More Convenient Way To Travel, But You Reduce Your Health & Safety Travel Concerns With Charter Flights Offering Safe Space Seating
Safe Space Seating

Search Our Data Base To Instantly Find Charter Flights And Air Charter Services To Any Destination Throughout Canada or USA
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When You Join Our Charter Flight Network Community, You Have Access To Our Powerful Search Feature

When you link to our Group Pages you will have access to a powerful search tool linked only to the Charter Flight Network Data Base (not the entire internet) This Search Tool allows you to instantly locate charter flight information to any destination in Canada or the USA contained in our data base.

You can also use our search feature to instantly locate any of our Associate Air Charter Members simply be entering a related key word

Many of our Associate Air Charter Partners frequently post upcoming available "Empty Legs" / "One Way or Split Charters" You can use our search feature to instantly locate all charter flight opportunities.

For example if you wanted to know if there were any one way or split charter flights to Yellowknife, NWT available, or you wanted to know if any other members had posted flight requests to Yellowknife - you simply enter "Yellowknife" into the search bar and hit return on your keyboard or mobile device

You will instantly see all recent posts from members and air charter partners concerning Yellowknife come up on the search results page

If you see a flight opportunity that matches your needs, contact the air charter service or member posting the flight and make your arrangements

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